Big.Balls ... probably thinking how does this help me? 

Big Balls are oversized golf balls to be used as a training aid for 2-6 ft putts, simple but effective. The 2-6-foot putt is the most common putt missed by the average golfer, leading to a dreaded 3 putt before heading to the next tee block (I can tell your first hand). 

The concept is simple; warm up & practice with Big Balls 10-20 times around that distance. Then when you go back to your Pro V1, it will feel like you are putting a marble into a bucket. Building confidence at that distance, leading to less missed putts and strokes shaved off your score.

Have you ever seen a practice putting green at a golf course? People putting towards a dime trying to hit a smaller target. Sticking tees in the ground and aiming to hit that thin target. Some golfers use tennis balls or lacrosse balls to see that large ball go into the golf hole. All these methods are great, but Big Balls are better. The same weight, same feel and same roll as a regular golf ball but 30% bigger. 

We understand that "Big Balls" is a funny gimmick but honestly we made them to help the average golfer because we are average golfers. Give them a try or get them for a golfer you know and #GoLow 



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